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A dog named Chance.

Our story begins with a dog named Chance. Chance was almost 18 when he passed away. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2021 and passed away on January 15, 2022. Chance was in palliative care for two weeks, and his owner, Nadia, who is one of the directors of Good Boy Chance, committed to the emotional journey of learning to let Chance go while keeping him as comfortable as possible. ​


There were a lot of things Nadia learned while Chance was in palliative care, and in all her years of experience as a veterinary nurse, nothing prepared her for losing Chance. There were things that worked and things that didn't, and the one thing Nadia wanted to do was make the lessons she learned while Chance was in palliative care known to other owners. To help others with senior pets and pets who need palliative care have access to services, which Nadia struggled to find for Chance and her.​Every owner deserves the chance to share a loving and dignified goodbye.​


Nadia had the idea of setting up a palliative care and senior pet care service but was apprehensive about starting this journey until she met Wendy. Wendy and Nadia were co-workers and soon became inseparable.  Nadia shared her idea with Wendy, and Wendy, also a veterinary nurse, jumped at the idea. Wendy has had extensive experience in the veterinary and animal care industries, and if there is anything she knows, it is how important the human-animal bond is.  


Both Nadia and Wendy have a special place for senior pets. Both Wendy and Nadia collaborated and shared ideas and stories, and Good Boy Chance was established. They both have the perspective of being veterinary nurses and pet owners, which enables them to see the owner's and the pet's perspective.​Our journey is built on the foundation of love, friendship, compassion, and dignity, and we strive to offer pet owners a senior and palliative experience that will support, educate, and encourage the bond, love, and friendship that you and your pet have.

Meet the Team

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