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Journey Home End Of Life Service

At Good Boy Chance, we understand the importance of ensuring that your pet's final moments are gentle, comfortable, and supportive, and that your bond is honored with dignity and respect. With our end-of-life care planning service, we offer pet owners who are embarking on their journey of saying goodbye a unique service where we will plan and prepare your pet's end-of-life care.

Advance care planning is important for patients and you. It involves your best friend, you, and us talking about your values and the type of end-of-life care you would want your pet to receive. We will consult with you to learn about you and your pet. We will give you a list of options and services that are available and discuss in depth what each service provides, the processes, and what is involved.

Our Journey Home service will take the stress out of arranging your final moments so that you are able to focus on saying goodbye to your pet. Wendy and Nadia will pre-plan everything in advance so that you can honor your pet and not have the added pressure of electing cremation or preservation options, so you can focus on your grief and being with your family.

We will meticulously plan all your pet's final moments. When it is time to say goodbye, Wendy and Nadia will lovingly and respectfully pick up your pet and ensure that the start of their journey home is dignified.We will arrange all your requests for cremation or preservation, and we will ensure that your nominated vessel is selected. We will take your beloved pet to your nominated veterinary hospital and give you updates on arrival and departure times.

When your pet is ready to return home, Wendy and Nadia will collect your pet's vessel and return them home to where they belong. We will provide you with support and comfort while you navigate this difficult time.

Note: Our services are billed separately. If using cremation or preservation services, additional charges will apply.


Price: $1,700

What's included:


  • Initial consultation (getting to know you and your pet)

  • Secondary consultation (finding out what your ideal goodbye looks like).

  • We help organize your pet's perfect day.

  • We inform you of different cremation and preservation services, go through the processes, and support you as you choose a suitable vessel or preservation option.

  • We will provide information on what to expect for your pet's passing.

  • Additional payment is required for your elected vessel, keepsake, and service option.)

  • When your beloved pet passes, Wendy and Nadia will personally collect your pet in a dignified manner and take them to your chosen veterinary clinic.

  • We will equip and connect you with vital support and grief services.

  • We will then prepare for the collection and ensure that all your chosen services are honored.

  • You will receive updates on the location of your pet.

  • Once your pet is ready for their journey home, Wendy and Nadia will personally pick up your pet and return them to you safely.

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