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Palliative care packages

Our Palliative care service provides in-home supportive nursing care for your pets. We work in conjunction with your regular vet and create a personalized plan for the care and wellbeing of your pet.



We can offer Zoom consultations in lieu of in-home consultations. All packages for residents outside of the Sydney area will be delivered via Australia Post Express.​ We will conduct an initial meet and greet  for you and your pet. We will get all the information we need in regards to medical history, medications, behavior, and more, and personally create a detailed plan for you so that the care of your pet is of an exceptional standard.

Initial meet and greet consultation: FREE

Palliative Care Package From - $1,500

Once we have received all the information we need about your pet, we will create your pet's plan and discuss with you the further cost of your tailored packages. WE PROMISE NOT TO OVERSELL SERVICES. 


Please note: Any Palliative care is not designed to replace regular Veterinary care. We work in conjunction with your regular Veterinarian.

Based on the plan we create for your pet, we will then follow up with you to ensure that you are happy with the plan, and if there is anything you would like to modify, we will then equip you with a pack that contains the following:

  • Information booklet that is specific to your pet (their very own personalized plan).

  • All the items that we recommend to maximize the comfort of your pet (such as supplements, creams, mobility supports, and orthopedic bedding) You will also receive a personalized first-aid kit.

  • A diary created just for you and your pet so that you can record your pet's activity, food and water intake, and medications. This diary can also be used to write down your thoughts and concerns.

  • Regular in-home vital check consultations are performed by us, and we will then share this information with your Vet so that they are aware of your pet's condition and progress. (Sydney residents only; all other states TBA)

  • Assessment of home conditions to make your pet as comfortable as possible based on their individual medical needs.

  • in-home consultations where we will assist you in changing bedding, assisting with mobility exercises, and more. We will also help you assess the quality of life of your pet and then liaise with your Veterinarian.

  • We will provide you with your very own self-care package so that you are also able to practice some self-love while going through this emotional experience.

  • Experience pack so that you are able to create some beautiful memories with your pet.​

We will guide you, support you, and educate you on how to care for your pet and their particular needs. This package will prepare you for your pet's palliative care journey and give you the support and knowledge to provide exceptional care for your pet. We understand the importance of ensuring the comfort and care of not just your pet but you as well, and we will assist you in navigating this emotional time.

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